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Roses, Beige Quicksand

Roses, Beige Quicksand

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Sold in bunches of 25

Beige creamy tones with very light blush hues.

Special Care Instructions:  Cut stems and hydrate for 1- 2 hours BEFORE removing cardboard wrapping. 

Give flower blooms plenty of room in the bucket to open-up.

Shipping Dates

Ship dates are determined by your event date. All florals are shipped overnight and will arrive approximately 3 days prior to your event.

  • Wednesday Delivery:
    For events Saturday-Monday
  • Friday Delivery:
    For events Tuesday-Thursday
  • Tuesday Delivery:
    For events on Fridays.

Flower Care

Proper flower care is imperative. Someone must be available to receive flowers on day of arrival. Please read our Flower Care Guide.

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How Many Flowers Do I Need?

Flowers are sold two different ways:

Stem Count:
Stem count is self-explanatory: if you order roses sold as 25 stems, you’ll receive 25 roses.

  • 1 stem
  • 8 stems
  • 10 stems
  • 12 stems
  • 25 stems

Grower’s Bunch:
Grower’s Bunches are the full size packaged flowers that flower growers produce. Because these
are packaged by weight, they may include anywhere from 3 to 13 stems per bunch.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Regardless of how your flowers are packaged, keep in mind that 5-10% of your stems will be imperfect.

View our printable guide below: "How Many Flowers Per Bunch" to help you choose how many florals you need. Visit our Resource Library for more information.

Customer Reviews

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JoEd Rosenthal

Roses were beautiful. Arrived a day late, so they were desperate for water. Was worried they were too spent but they made it through the wedding looking beautiful!

Thank you for your review. I am so glad your flowers held and looked amazing for your wedding. I apologize for the delay in delivery. Unfortunately, FedEx had major computer outages causing delays across the Midwest. This can sometimes happen, which is why I go to great lengths to have interior insulation and cooling packs inside each box.
Congratulations again on your wedding!