Flower Care

Proper Flower Care is Essential:

Having professional florist-grade blooms is easily established when following 3 simple steps. For optimal quality, do NOT skip this process (or substitute with what you may have read online).

1. Remove All Lower Leaves

There should not be any leaves in the water; this causes bacteria to grow and will shorten the life of the flowers (or prevent them from opening properly).

2. Cut 2-3 Inches Off the Bottom Stems

LEAVE ALL WRAPPING ON FLOWERS FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS BEFORE REMOVING. This will allow your flowers to hydrate and prevent dropping. Then remove up to 3” from the bottom of the stem.

3. Use Properly Sized Vessels to Hold Flowers

Different size vases work best, but you can also use large mason jars for small delicate stems, and bathroom and kitchen size trash cans (small-medium) make great containers for flowers. Different size vases work best.

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