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DIY wedding flowers, on average, are about half of the price clients would have spent on a full-service florist. This means you can get more flowers at a much lower cost to create your dream wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

  • High Quality Flowers

    Daisy DIY Flowers only works with the best growers and vendors. Our partners are spread around the world, providing everything from daily to exotic flowers in various colors and sizes to meet your wedding floral needs.

  • Professional Tutorials

    Looking for wedding flower ideas before building your shopping cart? We’ve got it covered! From design basics to decor ideas, our video tutorials and resource blogs are the perfect way for you to get started.

  • Attentive Customer Support

    Reach out to us whenever you need help! We’re ready to answer whatever questions you have. Whether you have questions about design, payment, shipping, or return, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Marla Anderson Daisy DIY Flowers florist bulk wedding flowers

Who am I?

Hello, this is Marla. After 33 years as a professional florist, I’ve seen too many couples say goodbye to their dream wedding flower choices–because of the cost. That’s why I created a business specifically for brides and grooms looking for wedding flowers on a budget.

With my professional experience and unyielding passion for flowers, creativity, and providing professional floral guidance, I am here to make sure you enjoy every step of the process. I've used my expertise to create a range of packages that will simplify your options, but if you feel overwhelmed and would like personalized assistance, don't hesitate to book a consultation.

Ask An Expert

Who's Daisy?

Daisy was my first true love. At 1 month old, this little Beagle had the most beautiful eyes and the biggest ears; it was love at first sight. As she began to grow her love for me and my love for her did as well.  

She taught me so much, including what unconditional love really was.  She was there for me in my twenties and thirties. Her memory and love still impact me today. Daisy DIY Flowers is named after her; my sweet Daisy Sunshine Girl.

Because of my love and concern for animals, Daisy DIY Flowers will give back 1% of all eligible purchases to animal rescue.

  • Dream Big

    Come with your design or ask an expert to receive professional guidance from a lifetime florist. We'll create a list of flowers and greeneries that can go into your specific floral design. We will also walk you through what flowers work best for your wedding’s color palette.

  • Build Your Packages

    Daisy DIY Flowers is easy to shop and shows you exactly what you can create with each package. Find the perfect DIY wedding floral package based on your desired color and budget, and save more time to focus on other aspects of wedding planning.

  • Complete Your Design

    Our wedding flower packages tell you exactly how many designs you can make. No more guesswork or overspending. Check out, read our Flower Care Guide, and schedule an arranging party for when the flowers arrive. It’s time to try those TikTok and Pinterest posts IRL!

Wedding Floral Packages

We've used our floral expertise to prepare the ideal packages for a range of color palettes. Choose your wedding colors, select your size and order. It's that simple!
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