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Juniper, Emeralds and Cream

Juniper, Emeralds and Cream

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White is the classic wedding color, and we can't think of any brides who'd say no to beautiful white roses. Our juniper, emeralds, and cream bulk wedding flower package is perfect on its own or as complementary colors.

  • Choose from three package sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Easy order, fast delivery, fresh flowers
  • DIY wedding florals by matching these with other bundles we have
  • Fresh-cut flowers only. Large, full roses

Expert Advice

Each package includes a 15-30 minute consultation with a professional florist to provide personalized guidance.

  • Small Packages: 15 minute consultation
  • Medium & Large Packages: 30 minute consultation

Shipping Dates

Ship dates are determined by your event date. All florals are shipped overnight and will arrive approximately 3 days prior to your event.

  • Wednesday Delivery:
    For events Saturday-Monday
  • Friday Delivery:
    For events Tuesday-Thursday
  • Tuesday Delivery:
    For events on Fridays.

Flower Care

Proper flower care is imperative. Someone must be available to receive flowers on day of arrival. Please read our Flower Care Guide.

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Color Palette

Small: The small package will make the following bouquets and arrangements:

  •  Bridal Bouquet- $125
  • 6-7 Bridesmaid Bouquets- $55 each
  • 10-15 Bouts and Corsages- $5 each

What You Get:

  • 2 bunches (50 stems) - Eskimo Roses
  • 2 bunches (20 stems) - White Ranunculus
  • 1 bunch (25 stems) - White Carnations
  • 2 bunches (25 stems) - White Spray Roses
  • 2 bunches (20 stems) - White Lisianthus
  • 3 bunches - Israeli Ruscus
  • 2 bunches - Leather Leaf
  • 1 bunch - Italian Ruscus

*Supplies and vases are not included

Design Menus (recipes broken down per bouquet/centerpiece):

Bridal Bouquet: 6 to 9 Escimo Roses, 5 to-6 White Ranunculus, 2 to 3 White Carnations, 2 to 5 Cream Spray Roses, 4 to 6 White Lisianthus, Small groupings of Israeli Ruscus, Leather Leaf, and Italian Ruscus.   Use as much greenery as you like to achieve the look you like. 


6-7 Bridesmaid Bouquets: 3 to 5 Escimo Roses, 1 to 2 White Ranunculus, 2 White Carnations, 2 Cream Spray Roses, 2 to 3 White Lisianthus, Small grouping of Israeli Ruscus, and Leather Leaf.   Add small groupings of  greenery, depending on the look and style of your design

Boutonnier or Corsages: Spray rose blooms and lisianthus blooms/buds with springs of greens make the  perfect boutonniere.  Add Ranunculus blooms to create the perfect corsage.   Use a  ranunculus bloom to make a special boutonniere for the groom.