Wedding Floral Tutorials & Resources

Find wedding bouquet ideas, wedding flower arrangements, design fundamentals, and other tutorials and resources to help you turn bulk flowers into breathtaking wedding florals.

  • DIY wedding floral worksheet how many flowers do i need for my wedding

    Design Your Own Package

    A checklist for bouquets and flower types you'll need to help you design your own floral package.

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  • how many flowers are in a "bunch" bulk wedding flower stem count

    Flowers Per Bunch Chart

    This chart will describe how many flowers you can expect per bunch to assist in ordering and arranging.

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  • fresh flower caring guide

    Flower Care

    Proper flower care is essential. For optimal quality follow the process in this guide.

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  • how many flowers do I need for my wedding bulk flower bucket size

    Choosing Bucket Sizes

    Read this guide to understand how to choose bucket or container sizes by flower type.

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  • free wedding floral design checklist DIY wedding flowers

    Wedding Checklist

    Start your planning with this helpful checklist to determine what flowers will work best, and how many.

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Video Tutorials

Click the thumbnails to watch our tutorials below. If you still have questions, schedule a consultation for personal advice from a professional florist.

Flower Care & Centerpiece Design

Bridal & Bridesmaid Bouquets