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Purple, Flower, Bar, DIY Kit

Purple, Flower, Bar, DIY Kit

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Flowers in purple from deep purple to lavender tones with a mixture of greens to create gorgeous take away bouquets or designed arrangements.

Purple Roses, Purple Carnations, Lavender Alstroemeria Lily, Purple Stock, Lavender Daisy, Purple Wax Flower, Salal Tips.

Expert Advice

Each package includes a 15-30 minute consultation with a professional florist to provide personalized guidance.

  • Small Packages: 15 minute consultation
  • Medium & Large Packages: 30 minute consultation

Shipping Dates

Ship dates are determined by your event date. All florals are shipped overnight and will arrive approximately 3 days prior to your event.

  • Wednesday Delivery:
    For events Saturday-Monday
  • Friday Delivery:
    For events Tuesday-Thursday
  • Tuesday Delivery:
    For events on Fridays.

Flower Care

Proper flower care is imperative. Someone must be available to receive flowers on day of arrival. Please read our Flower Care Guide.

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Color Palette

Small: The small flower bar, DIY kit includes 90 + stems:

  • 1 Bunch 10 Stems Alstroemeria Lily
  • 1 Bunch 25 Stems Purple Roses
  • 1 Bunch 25 Stems Purple Carnations
  • 1 Bunch 10 Stems Lavender Daisy's
  • 1 Bunch 10 Stems Purple Stock
  • 1 Bunch Medium Grower Bunch Purple Waxflower
  • 1 Bunch Medium Grower Bunch Salal Tips
  • 1 Bunch Medium Tree Fern

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