Wedding Trends

If your wedding is around the corner, you may be reading about current trends.

2023 color of the year is Viva Magenta, which I love by the way.  Brides Magazine says this year's trend has been smaller bouquets for Brides and Bridesmaid's along with Mono-bloom flowers with just a touch or no greenery. They also say cascading bouquets are coming back with an update look with a small drip or tear drop shape using hanging flowers or greenery.  Tones of blues are also showing up in dresses, tuxedos and in flowers.  Blue shades are great for enhancing natural colors including whites.

Trends come and go. Some hang on longer than others while some are gone in a flash.

The bottom line is what speaks to you? what do you love?  In weddings, in your home decor, in your fashion.  If you don't love it, who cares if it's the hottest trend or not.

Blessings to All - Marla Anderson

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