The Poppy Flower - In Memorandum

Memorial Day has so many meanings to so many different people. 

I was fortunate to spend time at the lake.  My husband went to town and came back with a Red Paper Poppy, handed out from the American Legion collecting monies.  The Red Paper poppy has become the symbol of remembrance for those who have served and lost their lives. 

To remember those for our freedoms.  To be at the lake, have a Bar B Q, visit your favorite camp site of splashing in the pool are all the freedoms we can enjoy because of others.

It’s easy to forget those who gave their life for us, for our freedoms.  Home of the Free.  Whenever I see a red Poppy, I think of Memorial Day and Remember.

Why the poppy?  The author of the best-known Memorial Day Poem of WW1, Dr. John McCrae observed poppies growing on the soil between the crosses of soldier's graves. It inspired him to write the poem in Flanders Fields.  Since then, the Poppy Flower has become known as “The Flower of Remembrance”.

Poppies are brightly colored with a yellow or black center.  You can start from seeds once the ground has warmed to above 65 degrees.  With 6 hours or more of sun they will grow in poor soil. 

In colder temperatures plant the seeds in the spring.  In warmer temperatures plant in the fall.  You can treat as a wildflower but be sure to thin out as they grow.

Thank you to those who have served.  Those who family members are serving, and to those who have lost their lives while serving. 

Many Blessings to All—Never forget!  -Marla


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