Sustainable Wedding Send Off Alternatives

What a wedding guest’s favorite part of the ceremony?  Celebrating the send—off with throwing items at the bride and groom.

Find the perfect eco-friendly things to throw at your wedding.

Small Dried Leaves are an ideal sendoff.  Choose leaves that complement the season, or the colors of your wedding.

Fresh Rose Petals soft and have a subtle scent and will simply blow away and biodegrade after the wedding. 

Dried flowers & Herbs are also a great option. Use multiple flowers to add a variety of colors.

For dried leaves, fresh rose petals, and dried flowers provide a petal or flower bar.  Guests can fill their paper pouches with their own choice of items. 

Paper Airplane Send Off.  Set out a table with recycled paper and pens and ask guest to write a note of wisdom on each piece, then fold into a paper airplane to throw at the end of the ceremony.

Glow Sticks:  No need to throw, instead light up the night with some rave-worthy showstopper exit.

Bubbles:  For a daytime exit, guests will have as much fun blowing bubbles as you will walking through them.  You can personalize bubble bottles, bubble wands for a personalized touch.

Mini Beach Balls, perfect for a beach wedding.




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