Ring Warming Ceremonies

The ring warming ceremony is believed to have originated from Irish Wedding customs, where it was known as “warming the rings.”  The wedding rings were passed among guest to bring good luck and blessing the couple.  Over time, the practice spread and evolved, becoming cherished tradition in weddings worldwide.

The ring warming ceremony is a special ritual allowing the couples family and friends to imbue their well-wishes, blessing, or prayers into the rings.

The rings are passed around among the guests, who are asked to hold them briefly, infusing them with their positive thoughts or blessings for the couple's future.

Why include a Ring Warming Ceremony?  It’s a great way to include very special wedding guests in your ceremony and make them feel involved and special.

Parents, grandparents, children, godparents, close friends—those special front row guests into your nuptials into an unforgettable way. 

Couples can carry the prayers and positive thoughts imbued into the wedding rings by their guests into their marriage, lending a spiritual significance to the rings beyond symbols of their love.

Pass the rings around to a select few guests—front row of both bride and groom side before the rings are exchanged.


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