It's a Bar! Flower Bar That is!

Great for Parties Corporate Events and Showers

Flower Bars are the latest trend for any party or event.  It’s a great way to interactive with guest and offer a takeaway gift.  If you're hosting a shower instead of games guest can make their own bouquets.

Display flowers in small buckets or vases.  You can pick a theme color or flowers, or offer a variety of colors.

Offer assorted vases for guest to put flowers into or craft paper to wrap flowers to take home.

What do you need?  Pick your Flowers.  Check out Ala-Cart Section and place your order.

Gather supplies you will need:  Buckets or Container to hold each bundle of flowers, Vases or Craft Paper with twine to tie.  Floral Snips to trim the ends of flowers, and a small trash can.

 Setting up your Flower Bar

You can use a table, bar cart or even crates to add varied heights. 

Have a Sign to call out the display, creating a beautiful vignette for your party.  “What will be your bar name, Flower Bar”, “Bloom Bar”, “Bouquet Bar”?

As guests enter your party the Flower Bar can be your photo and selfie backdrop. 

When you receive your flowers give them a fresh cut and put into a clean bucket or container with fresh water or water with floral preservative. 

Easy as this and you're ready to go!

 The New Bunco for Girls Night!




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