Head Tables, King Tables and Sweetheart Tables, What You Need to Know.

Head Tables are probably something you are the most familiar with.  A head table is a long table that the entire bridal party the bride and groom sit toward the middle, with the bridesmaids lined up next to the bride and the groomsmen lined up next to the groom. This option is great for your photography, everyone important is lined up in one place. You will want your table decorations to be low to accommodate your guests seeing you and photographs.  Cluster vases, low fresh arrangements are garland are all perfect for head tables.  The draw backs: conversation is difficult in this setup, since you are all facing one direction you can only really talk to the people sitting next to you. Additionally, plus ones of your bridal party will have to sit at separate tables.

King Table is a large rectangular table that often sits in the middle of the room. Guests are seated around all sides with the bride and groom next to each other in the middle.  This option allows bridal party, their plus ones, and even family of the bride and groom to sit together.  Since guests seated here are facing each other they can have open conversations and be engaged with the people who mean the most to you.  For table decorations you can go low or tall.  You want to make sure you are not blocking site levels. The draw backs:  it may be harder for your photographer to get good shots of just the two of you, since others may be blocking their path.  You also want to make sure your reception space has efficient table room to accommodate the size of table you may need. 

Sweetheart Tables a small table set up for the newlyweds at the wedding reception. The couple sits together facing their guests, with their wedding party and families at tables in close proximity. The advantage of having a sweetheart table is that you get to spend one-on-one time with your new spouse it also makes it easier for wedding guests to spot you from their own tables.  Table decorations can flow all the way to the floor.

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