DIY FLOWERS - it's not so scary!

DIY Flowers may seem overwhelming and complicated, especially for your wedding, but it doesn’t have to be!

Three days before your wedding, gather your Bridesmaids, girlfriends and family members willing to pitch in and enjoy several hours of creative fun and laughter. Grab your favorite drinks and snacks and within a few hours you can have your wedding flowers completed.

Begin with your Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets. Follow the recipe menu for each package ( to know how many of what flowers go into each design.

Once the Bridal and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets are completed begin any large arrangements or hanging designs, you’re planning to do along with table arrangements.

Finish up with Corsages and Boutonnieres using short stem blooms and greenery you have left.

Not only have you completed your wedding flowers of your choice and saved over half from a retail florist, but you’ve also created a wonderful evening full of laughter and memories.

Don’t forget to grab photos of the evening.

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Happy Wedding Planning—Marla

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