Cluster Centerpieces

Cluster Centerpieces:  several different floral arrangements in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

This new trend is popping up at Wedding and other events all over the place.  Cluster centerpieces are not only for wedding receptions tables, but also for dining tables, kitchen islands and fireplace mantels.  These are great for any surface you want to decorate.

This trend has DIY all over it, why??? 

Because it's super simple, takes only a few flowers per vase and works well with a variety of sizes and styles.  This is simple to complete, and a very versatile way to create beautiful centerpieces.


Miss-match budvases, bottles and votive candle holders.

Use a variety of sizes and cluster together.  You can do 6 to 15 per table depending on vase size and table size.

These can be designed up to 3 days before your event.  Gather family and FOB, grab your favorite drink and nibble food.

Work in groups:  fill with water, prep flowers, add flowers to vases.

Save the boxes your vases come in.  Use these for transport once your vases are completed.

Don't forget to purchase larger vases to hold the Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid's Bouquets.  These make a gorgeous centerpiece for the Bridal and Wedding Party tables.

Have fun and Happy DIY 

Marla -


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