10 Money Saving Tips for your Wedding!

10 Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

1.  Set the budget:  

With so many different things that you can spend your money on as a couple, it's easy to see the bills rack up.

2.  Set your priorities:

Decide what's most important to you.  Plan those items first, once you have your number one items, you can then add in some of the other items you have on your list.

3.  Recruit friends and DIY:

Gather your inner circle, play to their strengths (e.g. assign lettering to who has the best handwriting, you have an aunt who dabbles in floral, have them be the lead of your floral designs.)

4.  Cut the Cake:  

Can't do without a designer cake?  Order your dream 2 - layer cake for just the two of you.  You can still put it on display and slice into for the cake cutting ritual and pictures.  You can then serve classic sheet cakes to your guests to enjoy.

5.  Initiate an Officiant:

Consider having your vows administered by a trusted relative or friend. Check with your location's county clerk about the laws to ensure your marriage is legally recognized.  

6.  Embrace the Season:

Dates that fall outside of peak months can help out on your bottom line.  Sometimes you can save as much as 15% off high seasons rates.

7.  Consider All Inclusive Venues:

Look for venues that offer Wedding Coordinators, onsite ceremony locations.  Check out the decor they have available for you to use.  These will have significant savings.

8.  Create your own .com:

Save on printing, paper and postage by sharing all your wedding details online.  Many times, you will only pay a small fee to use their webpage templates.

9.  DIY Guest Gifts:  

Send gusts home with boxes of your favorite baked goods with a recipe card.

10.  DIY Centerpieces:

Use votive candles, cylinder vases with floating candles.  Adorn with small vases or budvases of flowers or fresh greenery in the middle of the table.


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